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Mental Health Month

May is Mental Health Month! Here are only a few of the numerous reasons why it’s important to take part in efforts to promote awareness about mental health:

 1 in 5 (46.6 million) adults in the United States experience a mental health condition in a given year.

• 1 in 25 (11.2 million) adults in the United States experience a serious mental illness in a given year.

• Approximately 46.6 million adults in the United States face the reality of managing a mental illness every day.

• Half of all lifetime mental health conditions begin by age 14 and 75% by age 24, but early intervention programs can help.

• Up to 90% of those who die by suicide have an underlying mental illness as revealed by psychological autopsy. 46% of those who die by suicide have a diagnosed mental illness.

• Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States. With effective care, suicidal thoughts are treatable, and suicide is preventable.

• Individuals with mental health conditions face an average 11-year delay between experiencing symptoms and starting treatment.

• Common barriers to treatment include the cost of mental health care and insurance, prejudice and discrimination, and structural barriers like transportation.

• Even though most people can experience relief from symptoms and support for their recovery in treatment, less than half of the adults in the United States get the help they need.

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